Wrestling – Always Good to See Competition

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I did not see any members of WWE Raw last night, but I did see some  good high school wrestling at the OHSAA State Wrestling tournament. Even better, I saw some good football players be aggressive. All 4 1/2 hours.wrestling 2

Pretty much all I look for is a football player’s  physical size, movement, and aggressiveness on the mat. Actually, I also look for how he handles winning and losing.

Also, I apologize for missing any football players below the 170 pound weight class.

Sam Stoll – Milan Edison – RB – 2018. #195. Tough inside runner. Got stronger as the game went on last fall.

Gaige Willis – Pymatuning Valley – RB/LB – 2018. #195. Tough runner, but like him as a LB. Plays in a smaller school league. A camp guy.

Caleb Carpenter – Liberty Center – LB – 2019. #195. Need to see more. Ran well. Height a question mark.

Pat Sheridan – Cleveland VASJ – OL -2018. #285. Continued to improve as an OL guy. Solid feet. Improve flexibility.

Duce Johnson – Alliance – RB – 2018. #182. Quick feet. Good speed. Like his aggressiveness. Height possible issue.

Josh Bever – Ashland – LB – 2019. #195. Liked him last fall. Needs to get bigger. Improve hips. One to watch.

Brandon Phillips – Maumee – DL – 2018. #220. Undersized NT last fall. Good quickness. Liked his tpoughness.

Demarko Criag  – Toledo Central Catholic – OL/DL – 2018. #285. Played both ways at times. Explosive. Height may be an issue.

Tyler Ely – Steubenville – OL – 2018. #285. Good balance. Height may be of concern. One to watch. Good balance.

Garrett Bledsoe – Cincinnati LaSalle – LB – 2019. #195. Continues to get bigger. Runs well. Physical. Started as 9th grader.

Bryce Houston – Olentangy Orange – LB – 2018. #220. Physical. Plays downhill. Needs to improve hips.

Zaid Hamdan – Mason – DE – 2018. #285. Just getting noticed as a DE. Good size. Runs well.

Matt Lee – Amherst Steele – OL/DL – 2018. #285. Guessin 6’2, but has good explosion. Like his balance.

Jacob Padilla – Wayne – OL – 2020. #285. Played varsity as a 9th grader. Strong. Good balance. Tough. An MSR top OL in 2020 Class.

There were a few more underclassmen football players with potential, but too early to put their names out there.

Really enjoyed watching some seniors who are going to playing on the next level next fall. But time was limited.

Good time- 4 and 1/2 hours – same seat – food was too expensive to eat – but enjoyed myself – fans do get a little crazy.




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