Summer Football Camps – Part 1

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Most college summer football camps are winding down in the month of June. Toledo has a Big Man’s camp and 7on7 competition tomorrow(Friday). There are also a handful of camps in July, but , for the most part – no more camps.

A couple of days ago, I posted on Facebook how well I thought that Walsh’s first ever camp ended up being. I actually received some feedback from some mothers about the camp. I appreciated the comments.

Over and over and over and over, I have made the comment that “football recruiting is a business, a sometimes ugly business.” I have done this “stuff” for many years. I know many college coaches. I know what goes on. I know the system. Not trying to be arrogant, but I “get it.”

I work with college football coaches. Some I have known a long time. First met Urban Meyer when he was an assistant at Notre Dame. Met with Butch Jones when he was an assistant at WVU. Met Mark Dantonio when he was an assistant at Michigan State. Trust me, I understand coaches’ thought patterns. Wrote about Luke Fickell and Matt Campbell when they were in high school.

I am not “name dropping,” but I am making the point that I know them, and I know what makes them tick.

Of course, I do not repeat, nor print, nor share information with anyone, especially college coaches. I have found when I make suggestions to players or parents or the high school coach they will not listen. They may hear, but not process. And that is okay. The majority of time, I am right.

The NCAA has changed the whole picture with summer football camps. No satellite camps for FBS schools this year. Obviously, that rule was put in to show Jim Harbaugh who was “boss.” Michigan does not need a satellite camp.

The Mid American conference needed satellite camps. The D-2 schools needed satellite camps. The D-3 schools needed satellite camps. Players in Ohio needed satellite camps. But it ain’t going to happen anymore.

In fact, rumor has it that the NCAA is going to eliminate college football summer camps in July next year. Just a rumor, but I bet it happens.

Last year, I believe that 119 Ohio kids signed D-1 scholarships. D-2 and D-3 prospects need exposure and need evaluated.

Camps – some thoughts

  1. Compete. Kids can be nice kids. You know, the ones who you would want your daughter to date. But they have to compete. They have to battle. They are to make an impression. They have to show heart.
  2.  Finish drills. Full go. Full speed. Finish every drill.
  3.  In the 1on1 drills, players have to compete. I have written this before. There is always a winner and loser. But most of all compete.
  4. Right or wrong, coaches look at the tangibles. They do not worry about technique. They are more concerned with correct height and weight. If you are not tall enough or too heavy, you are hurting.
  5. No longer power football for heavens sake.  You just have to be able to run and change direction period. Period. If you are an OL – you have to move your feet and have some explosion. If you are an LB, you have to run and change direction. Very LB’s take on a FB straight up.
  6. Coaches also look for the intangibles. Toughness. Competitiveness. Coachability. Discipline. Work ethics.
  7. I really believe that you have to find a way to “WOW’ coaches. You have to do something special, especially if you are a borderline “offer” guy.
  8. I coached at smaller programs. The schools around me are mostly smaller programs. I like smaller school programs. But if you are from a smaller school, you have to be really good or show a tremendous amount of potential. You have to pass the eyeball test – in height, weight and speed.

Summer football camps are exposure camps. Teaching technique is not emphasized as much, especially if you are not a D-1 potential guy. Coaches need to see you perform.

Finally, you just have to compete and play with a small “chip” on your shoulder. Not dirty, not mean, and not cocky. But for the biggest percentage of campers, you have to prove that you “belong.” You just have to have some swagger. Period.

Camps are an important part of the football recruiting process. And camps are a business!




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