NCAA – New College Camp Rules

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I would guess that after a week, players, parents and high school football coaches may not understand the new NCAA rules governing Bowl Subdivision college football camps throughout the country. I will try to give you some incite as to what is going to happen.

First, college football coaches are limited to 10 days of football camps during June and July. Before coaches had 14 days in June and July. These days are spread over the two months. Note- Junior high or youth camps do not count against the 10 days. (Thank goodness)

These days include camps on the college’s own campus. For example, Kent State could use 10 days all on their own campus. 7on7 passing competition is considered as one of these days.

College coaches can work other camps, but the camps must take place on a school’s campus or in facilities regularly used by the school for practice or competition. No more satellite camps at a high school. Also FBS football coaches can no more private camps.

If  just one coach works a camp, that day is considered one day used. If the coaching staff breaks up and works 6 different camps on a certain day, it is still considered just one day out of the ten.

For example – Ohio University can longer do a “satellite camp” at Bedford High School. But they could do a “satellite camp” on the University of Findlay’s facilities used for practice or competition. No more high schools.

Coaches employed at a camp or clinic are allowed to have recruiting conversations with prospects participating in the camp. Educational sessions on initial eligibility standards, gambling rules, agent rules, and drug regulations are required.

I checked and Ohio State has 4 camp days in June at OSU.  Hosts Friday night lights in July. They are doing a satellite camp at Texas Southern in June. Believe that makes 6 days. They have 4 days to work with.

Toledo will use 2 of their days for 7on7 passing competition(including aBig Man’s camp on both days).

Miami is using 9 of their camp days holding camps on their own campus. I would guess that they are leaving an open day for the possibility of having a one day late in July.

Ohio University will spend much of their 10 days working FBS camps across the country. They are holding one camp on campus.

McCallister’s two cents. Since Ohio State opens up their 3 one day camps to the Mid American schools and the D2 and D3 schools in Ohio, for your exposure, attending one of those three one days is probably important. Good drills, good coaching, and good exposure.

Speaking of exposure – That is what it all about. You will learn some new “nuggets,” but it all about competing and working hard. A one day job interview for really every level.

I do not know if I have this right, but I believe that high school coaches can no longer work the college camps. When Kerry Combs was the head coach at Colerain HS, he spent many summers at the Michigan camp coaching the DB’s. Oh well!

FWIM – I see good/bad on both sides of the new rule for the college football staffs. Less traveling and more focus on recruits on the home field. Ohio University’s location limits the number of prospects who will drive to Athens. On the other hand, Ohio University would get 250 campers to Bedford High School.

From the selfish viewpoint, high school players will need to more selective with college summer camp choices. Plus going to a camp, is a chance for any high school player to get better and to compete. Finally, if D3 schools are doing their job, they should be in attendance and evaluating. The more times a high school recruit gets in front of college coaches, the better.

College football camps are no longer instructional camps. No longer is time spent on drill, after drill after drill, and drill after drill. Exposure is the key. Consider the camp a showcase. Impress college coaches. Compete. First impressions are huge.


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2 Responses to NCAA – New College Camp Rules

  1. Dan says:

    Mr McC,
    Thank you for the info. Is this rule a week or less old? I thought I saw Toledo had a Bedford HS camp? Maybe that was before the rule and they have retract?
    Thank you. We enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. Glad that you enjoy reading my blogs. With the new rules, Toledo is not at Bedford HS. Also to be sure, I just got off phone with the RC.

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