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Leaving for Columbus soon. Actually, I will be spending three days in C-bus. Ending on Saturday with an Easter celebration with my family in Hilliard. Of course, g-todds and much fun.

The OHSFCA Regional Directors meet today, and I have been attending meetings for years. Always good to listen to what is going on with Ohio high school football. The majority of the time, I just listen. Every once in a while, I make a comment, but more fun to just listen. Of course, being around so long, always good to touch base with high school coaches.

The Ohio State Clinic kicks off tonight. Bill Belichick will speaking. Actually, I heard him speak at the Michigan clinic after he was named head coach of the Browns. He spoke for 10 minutes and then had his OC talk the rest of the hour. Tonight will be interesting, as to how long he talks. I admire Coach Belichick.

The clinic continues tomorrow. One of the highlights will be watching practice. Players pretty much go through walk throughs. Always good to see the Ohio players whom I have evaluated and known since their high school years.

A “chest bump,” to Tim Hinton. The clinic has gotten better every year that Urban Meyer has been the coach. In fact, last year, Coach Meyer was involved in the chalk talk session on Thursday night. Although I do not agree with his style and persona – Urban Meyer is a very smart football coach. Really in all areas. I know – big deal coming from me. Obviously, he can recruit.

I read in yesterday’s Plain Dealer a recruiting story on a linebacker from Central Ohio. I wish football recruiting reporters would just do stories on prospects. Do not analyze their abilities. Do not do “feel good” stories. Do not stir controversy. Do not pretend to be an expert. Just report on the players. Everybody is trying to improve their “brand.” After a while, that gets to be old stuff.

Before you “bash” me, I began my football recruiting interest with my own mag for fans, many, many years ago. Bill Kurlic had one year on me. In fact, Bill is doing much the same as he did 25+ years ago. I wrote for Allen Wallace and “Super Prep.” For me, evaluating high school players was and is most important.

Based in California, Wallace was second to Tom Lemming. My time with Wallace was short-lived. He thought that I should be “wowed” with his status. He thought that getting the recruiting news was the most important thing. Heck with kids. Heck with college coaches. Heck with high school coaches. As you can guess, for me it was the heck with Allen Wallace. After we parted ways, he hired Bill Kurlic. Good move for all involved.

The Underclassman Showcase is Sunday, May 21, at the Bo Jackson Elite sports center in Hilliard. Indoors and I am taking no chances with bad weather. Kids deserve that chance to get better without playing in the rain and cold. Three hours of camp. Really believe the Showcase is worthwhile. I know the “recruiting guru” of Ohio does not. But as long as the OHSFCA directors endorse what I do, I am okay.

Just finished one of my last projects that I will do with the Ohio Class of 2018. Put together a list of the top 150 players to watch in the Class. I list and rank who I feel are the best college prospects. No, I do not get caught up with what recruiting reporters write. You know – the experts?? Also, I rate them at what position that I feel is best for them. Last thing, “offers” mean very little to me.

Solon’s – Taj Ward  has a chance to be a very good CB on the next level. Good size. Fast. CB swagger. Watch him. Leonard Taylor  a big TE from Springfield High School is listed as a TE, DE, and DL. Nobody talks about him as a LT. Best position on next level is as a left tackle. Of course, he has to but into that. Both prospects are in my top ten. Jal is number one. But he may find baseball attractive.

A lot going on for me. Travels next week. College coaches will be involved with their evaluation period. I will be trying to find the best in the 2019 and 2020 Classes. Also be attending some track meets and a few baseball games.

See the G-todds on Saturday.







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