Is Making the Local News at a 7on7 – Necessary?

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Does it ever get to be “old -stuff? Does it ever get to be “same o, same o?” Does it  ever get tiring saying,” have not made the choice yet?”

Blue Smith - 2018 Wayne High School

Blue Smith – 2018
Wayne High School

At yesterday’s 7on7 competition hosted by the University of Dayton football staff, I had a chance to talk with Wayne’s WR “Blue” Smith. Wayne High School was one of the eight teams to play in the morning session. But my toughest request – “Tell me about the Opening.” A chance for me to learn. No questions about his recruiting process. 2nd question – “How much weight have you lost?”

Blue has been a favorite of mine since his freshman year. A quarterback at the time, and a really good young QB at the time. Began concentrating on the wide receiver position his sophomore year and has done well making the change.

Going into his senior year, he has become one of the better wide outs in Ohio. Enough so, that after believing that he was only a TE earlier in his career, OSU considers him a “must have” now. They have changed their mind, and now believe that he can be a wide receiver.

There is so much more to his Ohio State situation, but I would just make people upset if I acted like an insider guy, which I am not. A lot of people! Plus, Blue has always been good to me, and I like his character.

I took this picture, because I wish the media – local news, print media, internet media, and football recruiting media – would just slow down and give these “kids” a chance to enjoy being  high school students. Of course, some are “high-profiled athletes” and their athleticism makes them news worthy. But the football  recruiting media needs to chill down.

Asking the media to chill is tough because I need to know all that I can about these recruits. For me, I cannot get much rest, until I know the latest about Ohio State’s top football recruits. I read the internet 7 times a day for the latest information. I subscribe to Scout, Rivals, Eleven Warriors, and Land of 10. My cell rings, if there is any news about OSU recruiting. I just have to know.

Every once in a while I will tweet a player like Blue Smith and tell him that he must be a Buckeye. Born and raised in Ohio – he cannot leave Ohio. A few years ago, I told a recruit that if he went to Michigan, he would never get a job in Ohio.

Hopefully, after reading the last two paragraphs, you sense some sarcasm with me.

Dealing with the football recruiting media is much like dealing with the “spread offense.” You really cannot necessarily stop the media – just so many options to read and follow recruits. Hopefully, high school football coaches and guys like me can slow it down, but media will continue to find ways to get better. The spread offense is much the same. Football coaches need to slow it down, because, most of the time, they cannot stop it.

I remember watching Zach Harrison, DE from Olentangy Orange HS, leaving the OSU summer camp. Zach and his mother were trying to leave, and a trail of media were following wanting to know about his latest recruiting moves.

What makes Zach’s situation really silly is that he is only going into his junior year. Really raw, but has tons to ability. Also, being 6’5-235 and being one of the fastest 200m track guys in Central Ohio is not too shabby.

I never would deny a person a chance to make a living, if he or she does not cheat or stays within the playing field. Football recruiting writers doing what they do to some extent gives recruits a chance to get their name out there. Early recognition is needed.

Doing a short TV interview for a local station at a 7on7 competition is silly. 7on7 is about competition and kids competing and getting better. Most of all, having fun. Leave it at that. Not necessary to single out kids at a 7on7.

John McCallister is not going to “slow down” the silliness and “over marketing” of football recruiting. But, I sure enjoy making the effort. Of course, I doubt that I could “slow-down” the spread offense, either.




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