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As I said in the previous blog – the Dublin Coffman 7on7 tournament was a really well organized tournament with 26 schools. Good teams from all divisions, good coaching,  good high school players, and some college level talent.

As you read this article, please remember that most of my evaluations are on underclassmen. Mentioned some seniors, but underclassmen are important to what I do for the colleges.

Dublin Coffman – Impressed with slot receiver Mike Drennen II. Fast. Excellent burst. Catches the   ball with his hands. Senior Jeslord Boateng(6’2-210) passes the eyeball test and runs well at LBer. Heard that he was committed to Michigan State. Need to keep improving burst, but I also liked seniors Griffin Hoak (6’1-220) and Luke Crabtree (6’1-220).

Nordonia – Their best junior was not here. Really like Nyles Beverly(2019), a tough corner with size.

Hilliard Bradley – Good to see senior Kory Taylor back on the field. At 6’5-205, he has excellent speed on the outside and will go over the middle. Must be patient, because he is coming off a major leg injury. WR Daevon Anderson(2018) also has excellent speed. Guessin 6’1-170. Catches the ball well. Like his burst. Watched Zach Hummel(2019) start varsity basketball last winter. Playing slot, but at guessin 6’3-230 he could play either side of ball. A possible TE. Junior Cannon Blauser has turf toe and did not play. Plays OLB at 6’3-205 and has a ton of potential. WR Trey Warner (2019) is long and has good speed. Need to see more, but like his potential.

Westerville Central – Although height may hurt some, I really liked the play of CB Myles Williamson. Only a sophomore, but more than held his own at corner. Aggressive and closes fast. Good recovery speed. Cameron Phillips (2019) was injured and did not play. As was Ashton Gilkey(2018). Thought Allen Smith played well, but he is an RB and did get many targets.

Briggs – Good to see Jalin Lake (2019) in action. Did well at my combine. Needs to get bigger/faster, but he has good quickness and burst. Like his attitude. Should be a good prospect.

Pickerington North – QB Jimmy Weirick(2018) has played QB for three years. Like everything about him, except height. Wish he wanted defense. DB Tyler Potts(2019) continues to improve. Still has to fill his 6’5-220 frame, but Tyler Foster (2019) caught the ball well. Needs to get bigger/stronger/faster. Like his potential. Move in from Wayne HS, Chris Scott(2020) was one of the top athletes in the tournament. Fast, athletic, and excellent ball skills. An MSR top prospect in Class of 2020. Junior Tim Cheatwood has moved back from Florida. Long WR/DB with excellent football skills. Could be one of the MSR top players in Class of 2019.

Gahanna – QB Michael Lowery (2019) continues to improve and improve. Guessin 6’1-170(maybe a little bit bigger) like his release. Throws on the run. Needs to keep working on his base, but should be a good prospect coming out of the fall. Big Karter Johnson(2019) played some TE, but he will be a D-1 recruit on the DL. Like his length and athleticism. I realize that Lacarr Trent(2019) is one of the top sprinters in Ohio, but I like his aggressiveness at corner. Guessin 5’9-160, need to see him change direction. Told me he is a football guy, running track.

Olentangy Orange – Already wrote in an earlier blog about the presence of Zach Harrison at the tournament. Like senior Jayden Rodgers at DB. Fast. Smart. Really like his focus. LB Bryce Houston (2018) is also one to watch. Tough. Runs down hill, but needs to improve speed to the edge.

Northmont – The surprise here is that WR/DB Jabari Perkins (2018) is no getting much love from college coaches. Guessin 6’0-185, he plays hard and has good football skills. A playmaker. CB Danny Lewis (6’0-170) is a junior to watch. Plays fast. Good speed. Good hips. Tough. Another junior, Justin Jacobs, guessin 6’3-210 is playing FS, but will grow into an OLB.

Columbus Walnut Ridge – Really like the growth of QB Isaiah Murphy(2019). Guessin 6’4-195. Throws well on the run. Strong arm. Needs to improve setting his feet. Needs to improve follow-thru. Like potential. Qian Magwood (2020) needs to get bigger/stronger/faster, but I like his toughness. Good speed. Get bigger. Really like the athleticism of junior Julius Wood. WR/DB. Guessin 6’1-180. Need to see more this fall.

Westerville North – Like RB Rondell Smith (2019). Guessin 5’11-195. More of a true RB, so skills were limited today. Like his strength and agility. One to watch.

Mershawn Rice - WR Reynoldsburg - 2019

Mershawn Rice – WR
Reynoldsburg – 2019

Reynoldsburg – WR Mershawn Rice (6’2-190) could be special. Excellent hands. Good speed. Like his WR presence. Shon Strickland (2020) impressed me with his athleticism and speed. Guessin 6’0-175. Need to see more.

Bishop Hartley – Big TE Jordan Kirkbride gets up the field. Good hands. Needs to improve running and balance. At 6’4-225, he will play someplace. Marwan Perkins (2020) can play either side of the ball. Guessin 5’11-165. Needs to continue to develop, but like potential. QB Miles Fleming (2020) will need to get bigger/stronger/faster, but like his potential to be a very good QB. Like his QB presence. Also like sophomore, Antonio James. Fast. Athletic. Need to see more.

Westerville South – Already mentioned Jaelen Gill (2018) in the previous blog. TE/DE Antonio Smith(2018) has committed to Bowling Green. More of a DE, but played some TE. His potential has been underrated by many college coaches.

Whitehall – Liked Raymell Byrd (2019) as an athlete. Plays the slot receiver, but could play some QB. Needs to get bigger/faster/stronger. Need to see more.

Wayne – Mentioned Blue Smith in the previous blog. Did not spend much time with them, because I had seen them earlier in the week.

Marion Franklin – Best prospects are offensive/defensive linemen. Did like sophomore Maleek McIntosh, guessin 5’10-180 RB. Runs well. Strong. Good hands. Need to see more.

Columbus DeSales – Mostly seniors for DeSales. Junior Dontay Hunter II, guessin 6’5-220, is getting bigger and bigger. Athletic. Catches the ball well. Need to see him in pads. Two offers and has  not played much varsity. SS Joey Velaquez, guessin 6’0-190, is a junior and  one of the strongest SS I have seen for a while. Good speed. Runs well. Aggressive.

Grove City – Senior Devin Dukes looks faster this summer. D J Gatewood (2019), guessin 5’11-190 played well last year, until he was injured. Good speed. Good burst. True RB. CB Kingston McKinstry (2019) did well at the MSR Combine. Good size at corner. Guessin 6’1-170. Physical. Needs to improve speed. Just like these two, and will see Grove City this fall.

DJ Gatewood (L) Kingston McKingstry (R) - 2019

DJ Gatewood (L) Kingston McKingstry (R) – 2019

One of the best 70n7 competitions that I have attended. Good high school players. Some good college prospects. Of course, no pads. Different story with pads on, but I was still able to talk with players. Also, I could see the athleticism of most of them.




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