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The 7on7 passing tournament at Dublin Coffman High School today was simply unreal. The competition – the players – the talent – the organization was outstanding. I will do another blog on the tournament, but for now, I want to mention three high profile recruits.

The talent skills of Jaelen Gill, Blue Smith, and Zach Harrison are so easily recognizable that my 91 year old mother would rate them MSR top guys. These three are more than just talented – national recruits. They are “good kids,” probably getting tired of the “recruiting circus.”

I have watched Jaelen(2018) since his sophomore year at Westerville South High School. Fun to have followed his development. Big time injury a year ago has slowed down his development, but he looked good today. Guessin – squeezing 6’1-185. Fast, tough, and athletic. Told me today that he will be an “H-back” at Ohio State.

Actually watched “Blue”(2018) work some at QB his 9th grade year. Told him a year ago that he can play wide receiver or slot on the next level. Colleges told him early in recruiting that he was not fast enough to be a WR and that he would be a tight end. Guessin 6’5-215. Actually he has lost some weight. Good hands. Athletic. Disciplined.

“Blue” seems to be solid on his desire to be an outside receiver. Of course, some colleges are now telling him he could line up outside. Why now???

So much fun to chat with. Always enjoys talking anything, but recruiting. Obviously, we both enjoy not talking about recruiting. Probably an O-State commit.

Zach Harrison (2019) from Olentangy Orange High School is a “freak athlete.” Guessin 6’5-235 and is flat out fast. Watched him on the track last spring. Primarily a DE, and since there are no DE’s in 7on7, he played tight end today. Of course, he played well at TE and made some catches. But, as I believe, I can find TE’s down the street, but not DE’s. Time will tell. On the next level, he may slide down.

Regardless where he plays at Orange HS, he is the best recruit in his Class of 2019. I have no clue about the silly national stuff, but some have him ranked high. As he grows and develops, he will make money some day.

Really like the way Zach carries himself on the football field. No “me-me,” – just get the job done. Really coachable. Also had a chance to speak to Zach’s mother today. In just the short conversation, I can tell Zach has good support.

Now, there were many good players today. Really good high school players. Really good underclassmen who are starting to get “offers.” Really good seniors who have offers or have committed. I will give them some “love” in another blog.

Working with young men continues to be fun for me. Actually a lot of fun. I hope that in some way, in some small way, I can provide “one nugget” of advice that may help them in the recruiting process. Sometimes just listening, instead of talking or asking questions, is most important. Sometimes just making a player laugh is enough.

Former head football coach at Michigan Gary Moeller told me many years, “Tell me something that I cannot see on video.” It is what I do, but I am fair and honest. Getting the good, honest exposure for recruits is huge for me.

Jaelen, “Blue,” and Zach are, obviously, “high profiled” recruits and the objects of recruiting writers throughout the country. They answer the same questions over and over and over. Recruiting writers make their living supplying information the football recruiting world. Most do a good job, but most want to be the “first” to break “the choice.”

When you see the, bald, stooped-over, old(69) man coming to talk with you, he is not going to ask your top five schools, your decision date, or why did you choose —-? However, he may ask you about your grades, about your parents, about your team, or about your football strength’s and weaknesses. He will warn you about grades and handling success and competing. He will find a lot about you!

High school football players like Jaelen, “Blue,” and Zach make what I do so much fun. I appreciate them making time to visit today.



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