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The MSROHIO Developmental Combines are done for this spring. For the most part, everything went well. The help, as usual, was excellent. Attendance was really good in Columbus and just okay in Dayton. Players traveled a distance to get to Dayton.

Next year, the early plans are to hold both combines in Columbus. One on Saturday. One on Sunday. Both in March. Centrally located. I have tried Toledo, have tried Cleveland, have tried Zanesville, and have tried Akron. You would be surprised how much influence local private trainers have in those areas.

Went back through my notes to get some insight on some other players that were not mentioned in the prior two combine articles.

Anthony Kirk Jr who lives in the Coffman School district put up some really good numbers. Measured 6′-179 (no shoes). Ran a 4.53/40. Ran a 4.11/shuttle. Broad jumped 9’6. Verticaled 30.6. These numbers are really good, but especially for Anthony, because he is in the 8th grade.

Eric Bils and Nate McMillan are both in the 2020 Class and from Upper Sandusky. Both need to get bigger/stronger/faster. Nate a 4.5/shuttle and verticaled 28.9. Eric verticaled 29.8 and ran 7.4/l-cone

Freshman Rian Reaves Jr from Dayton Belmont worked out at QB. 6’0-167(no shoes) got better the more he threw. Needs to improve overall athleticism, but should. Liked the way he threw the football. One for me to watch this summer.

Cole Robb (2019) from Oak Harbor HS plays DE. 5’11-233. Thought that he moved well. PB over 30 feet.

Logan Cook – OL/DL guy from New Albany. Measured 6’3-270(no shoes). Numbers are improving. Ran 5’1/shuttle. Logan has lost weight and has worked on his running and agility. Had him last year and he has improved his overall football ability, including losing weight. One to watch.

Uriah Gieseler – Shelby – WR/DB -2019. Measured 6’2-190 (no shoes). Needs to get bigger/faster/stronger. Ran 4.3/shuttle. Ran 4.9/40. Good prospect.

Cody Johnson – Columbus Grove – OL/DL – 2019. Measured 6’3-371 (no shoes). Really losing weight. Ran 5.0/shuttle. Athletic for size. Needs to lose a lot more weight. Moves well for size.

Demontae Taylor – Independence – RB/DB – 2018. Ran 4.60/40. Verticaled 31.2. Ran 4.24/shuttle. Also BJ – 9’2. One to watch.

Darrius Johnson -Euclid – OL/DL – 2019. Really moves well for 335 weight. Ran 5.08/shuttle. Must lose weight. Only a sophomore.

Jake Sommers – Avon Lake – DB – 2018. Measured 6’0-195 (no shoes). Athletic. Ran 4.23/shuttle. Really needs to improve 40 time. PB – 30′.  May grow into an OLB.

Jalen Jackson – Euclid – OL – 2019. Measured 6′-286(no shoes). If he could lose some weight, really help his quickness. Ran 5.51/40. Verticals 21.. Ran 4.91/shuttle. Actually like his D1 potential, but must lose weight.

Percy King – Gahanna-Lincoln – DB – 2019. Must get faster. Liked his 32.8/vertical. Broad jumped 9’7. Ran 4.32/shuttle. Explosive, but needs much better 40 speed.

Jake Kreuzer – Westerville Central – OL – 2018. Measured 6’5-283(no shoes). Actually ran 4.58/shuttle twice. Verticaled 19.5. Work in progress, but has shown much improvement over the winter.

Joey Velazquez – St Francis DeSales – RB/DB – 2019. No shoes -6’0-189. Ran 4.62/40. Verticaled 33.9. Ran 4.37/shuttle. Needs to work on flexibility, but very explosive. A D1 defensive back prospect.

Ashton Gilkey – Westerville Central – WR/DB – 2018. Ran 4.65/40. Verticaled 32.4. Broad jumped 9’1. Needs to improve 40/time. One to watch.

James Reese III – Bishop Hartley – RB/LB – 2018. Measured 6’0-207(no shoes). Verticaled 29.3. Needs to run better/faster. James is better in pads. Like his toughness, but needs to get faster.

Jason Betts – Pickerington Central – WR/DB – 2019. Measured 6’0-185 (no shoes). Ran 4.35/shuttle. Ran 7.20/l-cone. Better in pads, but Jason has to get faster and more explosive. Like toughness.

Rodas Johnson – St Francis DeSales – DL – 2019. Measured 6’3-266(no shoes). Ran 4.99/40. Verticaled 25.4. Broad jumped 7’9. PB throw – 31’6. Ran l-cone 7.5. Potential to be a top MSR OL/DL. Maybe OL.

Dominic Davis – Canal Winchester – RB – 2020. Measured 5’10-162 (no shoes). Ran 4.35/shuttle. Needs to get faster and run better 40 time, but will. Good explosion. One to watch.

Brandon Haley – Granville – RB/LB – 2019. Measured 5’8-180 (no shoes). Ran 4.62/40. Will need get bigger/stronger/faster. Needs to be more explosive. Liked him in pads last fall.

Dontay Hunter II – St Francis DeSales – TE/DE – 2019. Measured 6’5-210 (no shoes). Ran 5.0/40. Broad jumped 8’4. PB throw – 32’6. Growing into body. Really good potential as a TE recruit.

Chad Douglas Jr. – Independence – DL – 2018. Measured 6’0-288 (no shoes). Ran 5.5/40. Really like his power and quickness. Ran 5.1/shuttle. Needs to lose weight to gain more quickness.

Jayden Hill – St Charles – DB – 2019. Measured 6’0-165(no shoes). Needs be faster and improve 40 time. But he verticaled 30.9. Broad jumped 9’2. Ran a really fast 4.15/shuttle. Explosive, but need to get bigger/stronger/faster.

Emmanuel Anthony – Groveport Madison – RB – 2020. Need to see more, but he put up some good numbers for a 9th grader. Measured 5’10-195(no shoes) Verticaled 33.8. Ran 4.5/shuttle. Needs to improve 40 time and broad jump. Much potential.

Anytime a list is made the next player is going to be the first one to be left off. I wanted to complete my list of players who put up some good numbers. I mention some that although they did not have big numbers, I liked their improvement over the last year.

Some, I was fortunate to see play last fall. They may not be the fastest, but they are football players.

Hopefully, I will never lose sight that my job is to provide a chance for players to get better. Also I try to get exposure for most of them. In the same breath, I feel that I need to comment on some.






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