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These next few days are huge for me and exciting, as well. Going to some 7on7 competition tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. Then a break and will be attending some more at the end of next week and the week after.

I know – 7on7 is not real football. All passing. Played in shorts and tee shirts. Two hand tap. Linebackers are always dropping and developing bad habits. No real pressure on the QB’s. And the list goes on and on.

Players are working on individual skills. Receivers are running routes – working on separation – getting reps at catching the football.  QB’s are working on their feet – working on their reads – getting a better understanding of the offense. DB’s are working on their hips – working on closing speed – working on coverage skills – working on secondary awareness. LB’s are working on drops – working on change of direction – working on recognition.

Players are getting a chance to compete against a different colored shirt – a chance to see and work against different talent levels – a chance to get in another day of team conditioning.

Much more important then it may sound, players get a chance to work together as a team – a chance to bond – a chance to have some fun together, as well as compete as a team. Building team chemistry is huge.

For me, watching and evaluating players in 7on7 competition and learning more about players is just as good or even better than a college football summer camp. Of course, the 7on7 competition has to be good and has to be organized. No barnyard football, please.

What do I learn about players?

  1. The height/weight.
  2.  Receivers – can he run – does he have a burst – can he separate – is he disciplined – can he catch – will he go over the middle – does he stay focused
  3. Quarterbacks – can they move their feet -can they direct the offense – do they make good decisions – good technique – core muscle strength. do they good decisions – are they coachable.
  4. Defensive backs – size – can they run fast – can they change direction – can they play zone – recovery speed – can they turn and run – do they anticipate
  5. Linebackers – are they disciplined – can they open their hips – can they level off – can they change direction can they lead
  6. Running backs are harder to evaluate, because they are limited. Good hips – burst – soft hands – can they catch out of the backfield
  7. Just a note – putting in question marks takes way too much time.

I really spend a lot of time on attitude. Controlled competitive aggression. Is he a punk? Is he a “wannabee?” Is he a complainer in the huddle? Does he take cheap shots?

When they are not in competition, I try to visit with as many prospects as possible.  Can they communicate with me? Do they look at me, when talking with them? Am I wasting their time? A lot of joking, but I learn a lot.

My early schedule –

1. Bucyrus tomorrow – 2. Dayton University – Monday – 3. Mansfield Senior – Tuesday.

If you enjoy watching high school football players compete, try to make it to a 7on7 competition. Remember – no shoulder pads, but still a lot of fun.





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