July 1st – Summer Vacation is Over –

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The Fourth of July was always the magical time of summer, when I was a head football coach. After July 4, the rest of the summer was football. Of course, I sneaked in some 1 or 2 day vacations, and you can do that as the head football coach.

I need and will get back to doing more on the website. Some readers tell me that I need to write more often. Some readers tell me that I have to do more with “high-profile” recruits, whatever that means. Some readers tell me I have to proofread better(that won’t happen). Some readers actually compliment me.

For high school football players, just like I will do, now is the time to focus on your team and be a “good teammate.” That is, work hard to be the best player that you can be and focus on team first.

Some MSR rambling

The “Opening.” The NIKE camp featuring some of the top high school players in the country is happening now. Maybe a better promo would be “featuring some of the recruiting media’s top high school prospects in the country.” The “Opening” is good for select high school football players, but many of the best “3 striped recruits” are doing workouts at home. The 4 and 5 Stars are the “Opening.”

If your family and you can afford it, I would think the experience would be super and along lasting memory. If you are into the “Star-stuff,” reading about the “Opening,” should be fun.

Some individual NFL players are holding camps in July. Braxton Miller for one. Cardale Jones for another. These camps are fun. Really no pressure to impress people. No D1 coaches present. A chance to pick up a few pointers from some NFL guys. Price is right. Maybe some autographs and pictures. Still a chance to learn football.

7 on 7 competition through out the state. The 7 on 7 tournament put on by Dayton University is a very well run one. Also very competitive. Also some very good teams. Mansfield Senior has a 7 on 7 competition with unreal talent and competition. Northmont High School has one, as well.

I really believe 7 on 7 competition is beneficial. Coaches get to work on passing game. Skill players get work, including defensive backs. Although they keep score and have a winner’s trophy, coaches need to use this time as a teaching tool.

Anytime you get a chance to get better as a football player, the time is valuable. It is not necessarily a “tough guy” – “bad dude” time. Work on your hips and recovery speed. Work on running sharp routes. Work on getting in and out of a cut. QBs work on your feet. Work on accuracy. Improve your reads. OL/DL guys get some rest.???

Visit a college campus. There is always one college assistant coach in the office during July. Vacations are beginning now for the college coaching staffs. But there is always a coach on campus. Go visit a campus. Visit a football facility.

July is considered a “quiet period,” but a player can visit with a college coach only on the coach’s campus. Call in advance. Check out the place. Do not know D3 schools policy about coaches being in the office.

College “one day camps. There are a few college one day camps in July. Kent State has an OL/DL camp in July. Miami has 2 one day camps. BGSU has one. Cincinnati has a Friday Night Lights camp. As does Ohio State. There are more, I am sure. Best bet is to go to the school’s football website to check out more information.

Really believe that campers need to be “big-time” focused. These camps are your last time to get that evaluation. There are some D2 school coaches in attendance. For the majority of campers, D2 school coaches need to see you perform well. Don’t blow them off, because they are not D-1 coaches.

Just a comment about Ohio State’s Friday Night Lights to be held on Friday, July 21. This an excellent time to experience playing in the stadium. Exciting to say the least!! That one last camp experience before your high school practice starts. Really, it is a fun, good time.

1.Realize that this camp is held later in July for Ohio State coaches to get one last look at prospects 2. Held after the “Opening.” to get a chance to invite any prospect that did well, but was  not on OSU’s list. 3. Many of the out of state prospects can make the trip and stay overnight to spend more time with coaches. 4. Underclassmen in Ohio are invited so that coaches get one more look. 5. The internet recruiting writers get another chance to do stories on prospects. 6. Plenty of drills and competition to get a good evaluation.

Remember – have fun. Enjoy the experience. But the huge percentage of campers will not get offered a scholarship by Ohio State. I have seen many players leave disappointed. Most of all, make it a good, learning experience.



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