Summer Football Camps – Part 2

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Let’s make college football summer camps old news. As I looked back over the June 22 blog, I pretty much covered my thoughts on camps. Nothing else to say. But I do have three suggestions to help camps not be so crowded.

The biggest thing happening to camps now is the “bus tour.” Most tours are run by private groups. One of the original ones is Coach Ted Ginn’s – “Ginn’s Bus Tour. ” Some football coaches are taking kids on tour. Just saw where Dan Reardon, head coach at Canton McKinley, is taking some his Canton McKinley Bulldogs on the camp circuit. Good deal.

Obviously, taking kids on bus tours gives them a chance for much exposure. Also gives players a chance to build some friendships among other players. Guessin a little expensive, but the campers attention to detail goes to  the directors, not the player. All he has to do is perform.

A possible negative, camp numbers jump considerably once a group arrives. More numbers, less individual attention. Bottom line – more kids get a chance to perform in front of college football coaches.

A suggestion would to be sure the “group” campers are really organized. Maybe even have a separate table to check on the registration. Knowledge beforehand, of who is the tour, is really important.

A D2 suggestion. Now this will not happen, but is just a suggestion.

Sometime in late or middle July, all of the D2 college football staffs in Ohio should get together at one site. Rent Ohio State, or I was so impressed with the new Hall of Fame football facilities – use them. Need plenty of room to evaluate. Anyhow, all of the D2 schools work together and run a camp.

Emphasize that this camp would be for prospects in Ohio, or any state who do not have firm offers, or seem to be “falling through the cracks.” This will be tough, because, although some prospects have not been “loved” by any D-1 football staffs, they think that they are above D2 football. Sad, but true.

Just a quick note here. As D2 college coaches will tell you – “McCallister respects D2 level football a lot.”

The other negative would be that D2 schools are in too much competition with each other, that working together at this camp would be difficult. Are there that many secrets, really? Now is the time that a D2 coach has to really sell his program.

Freshman Camp at Ohio State.

Ohio State has gotten away from it, but they use to have just an “underclassman camp” for 2 days. I think that there were some problems with letting upperclassman workout at the camp. Thus they went to three one days with no restrictions on who could workout.

My suggestion would be to host 2 one day camps, ran under the same format as the camps are now. Only upperclassmen and no freshman. No exceptions.

The third camp would be for incoming freshmen only. Freshmen would not be able to attend the other two camps, period. Even if a freshman had tremendous potential, he would still have to camp at the freshmen camp. No upper classmen could attend this camp.

If a player could not attend either of the two upperclassmen camps, or if a freshman could not attend the freshman camp, tough. Don’t make exceptions. Every camper would be getting more exposure.

Please remember – my suggestions for both of these ideas are in the “perfect world.” Not going to happen, but it would make evaluating much easier.

MSR camp articles are done for the summer. Old news!! Get ready for the actual football season. A little over a month away. Focus on your team.

Three things that McCallister always seems to mention and recruits always need to remember.

  1. “Control what you can control. Don’t worry about what you can not control.” You cannot control what the college coach thinks or what the media writes about you. But you can control what you say to either one and the effort you make to get better.a
  2. “It only takes one guy to like you.” A senior to be had little going and had no offers. Then got one offer. Did well at a camp, and Big Ten staff liked what they saw and offered him a scholarship on the spot. Only took one, but I guess two, in this case.
  3. “Football recruiting is a business, a sometimes ugly business.” Nice guys have to compete. No dirty tricks, but they have to aggressively compete. Soon, college coaches who have been recruiting you all spring and early summer, will stop contacting you. Some will tell you that they have found a better player, some will not.

Enjoy your last month of freedom.


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